Tuesday, November 25, 2008

City of Moths

City of Moths, by Sampson Starkweather, is now available.
“My friend thinks that poetry has nothing to do with words. Poetry, she says, is a mountain. An actual mountain. A thing that fools climb simply ‘because it’s there.’ Poetry is there, but why do we constantly feel the need to prove it exists? To point to it? Like a mountain appearing in the distance. ‘Be an uncarved block of wood’ is what the Sarah Lawrence kids, who hadn’t slept in 40-some hours, still high off ecstasy and acid, sitting Indian-style on the rock, otherwise-silent, would shout at me during tennis matches. They were right. What lies in the uncarved block of wood. Whorls and grains, stories and held smoke. Surrounded by. My block of wood, another person’s mountain. The sound of a finger pointing to some unseen thing. To be reckoned with, or perhaps, reckoned by. Something to draw a door in” (page 6, City of Moths).

Sampson Starkweather was born in Pittsboro, North Carolina. He is the author of The Photograph from horse less press. His work can be found in Typo, Octopus, jubilat, Absent, Tarpaulin Sky, RealPoetik, and Sink Review. He lives in the woods alone.
Golden Gloves Chapbook Series, 2008/2009. Stab bound, with letterpress printed cover. Printed in an addition of 144, of which the first twelve are signed by the author. $10 includes shipping.

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